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Tires for Onewheel

Burris and Hoosier Tires for Onewheel are now available at https://craftandride.com/collections/tires-for-onewheel

  • Burris 11 x 6.0-6 Treaded Tire
  • Hoosier 11 x 5.5-6 Treaded Tire
  • Burris 11 x 6.0-6 Slick Tire
  • Hoosier 11 x 6.0-6 Slick Tire

Burris Ceramic Hybrid Bearing for Onewheel

Burris Ceramic Hybrid Bearings are now available at https://craftandride.com/products/burris-ceramic-hybrid-bearing-for-onewheel

Tires Known To Fit

Brand Style Size Compounds Recommended Skill Level Profile Summary
Vega Slick 11.5x6.5-6 Beginner Stock Tire: Flat and wide with sharp edges. Easy to balance, rough ride, less grip off-road
Hoosier Slick 11x6.0-6 D10A/D20A/D30A/A40/FK Advanced Rounder than Vega. Easier/Smoother carving. Slightly smaller diameter than Vega.
Hoosier Treaded 11x6.5-6 (>17PSI requires trimming) D10A/D20A/D30A Advanced Rounder than Vega. Harder to balance at stop. Easier/Smoother carving.
Hoosier Treaded 11x5.5-6 D10A/D20A/D30A Advanced Rounder than Vega. Hardest to balance at stop. High maneuverability. Enough clearance to install ice studs.
Burris Treaded 11x5.5-6 QRC33 Advanced Rounder than Vega and narrower. Harder to balance at stop. Easier/Smoother carving. Stability is about the same as the Hoosier Slick 11x6-6.


Start by removing this door on the bottom.. 2 Allen head screws..

Next you will have to turn the plastic nut with red paint on it counter clockwise, then you will pull the plug out

Next you will have to push the white clips down to unlock them, and then press in the black button and pull the harness out..

Next remove the 3 small Philips head screws on the bottom and the 3 retaining clips ..

Now put your OW on its side with power button up.. remove the 2 Allen bolts.. flip the board and remove them on the other side..

Now your wheel should wiggle out..

Now you will need a valve removal tool. Tire slime comes with one and I do suggest it. I will talk about that later on..

Time to remove the old tire.. it can be tricky by hand.. a set of tire spoons will help. Do not use screw drivers.. tire spoons are cheap .. or a local bike shop can do it.. but that's money were all trying to save.. if you get spoons try not to scratch up the inside of the rim because you don't want to leak air later on..

Also make sure when removing the tire the side with the air valve is up.. the tire ONLY comes off in one direction and installs the same way..


I forgot to mention...buy a small 4oz bottle of tire slime for 6$... the factory used it and I also recommend it. tire was also bought from tsracing.com they are alot of help if you call.. they sell the Onewheel too so they know what tire you need..

First hand experience with the Hoosier treaded D30A 11.0x6.5-6 nearly 400 miles on my v1. I don't have any problems with small or large rocks getting caught up and I ride gravel often enough to think it would have happened by now. In fact with the Vega tire I would occasionally have to stop to remove a stuck rock before it gouges the tire and I've never had to with the treaded. There are however clearance issues with the Hoosier above 15psi and I'm looking for a solution to that.



Full video from start to finish:

XR Full video from start to finish:

Wheel removal:

The plus is slightly different since it doesn't have a bolt through the axle.

Tire removal:
Name Required Tools Instructional
Option 1
Option 2 https://cometkartsales.com/RLV-Tire-Beadbreaker.html
Option 3
Tire mounting: