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BENJAMIN ARTHUR TOLOSA is a movie actor, portrait and high dynamic range photographer, independent fillmmaker, renaissance creative author and accomplished IT professional. He is the author of 3 books, including a manual for a chess variant called: ‘Princely Chess’. Ben is better known for his portrayal of ‘Manny Di Stefano’, a lead role in the feature film ‘Plaga Zombie American Invasion’ part of the ‘Plaga Zombie Film Series’. Ben cosplays Captain Jack Sparrow with the New England Brethren of Pirates and independently across the United States. He speaks 3 languages, runs his photography and filmmaking company ‘Ben Tolosa Studios’, produces videos for his YouTube channel and hosts his interview show ‘The Red Interview’. Ben is an avid Harley Davidson aficionado, a proud OneWheel+XR owner and the founder of a religious movement inspired by the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) called EarthQuakers (EQs) or Friends or Religious Society of Humans or Earthies.