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British Columbia

According to ICBC:

Motorized scooters and motorized skateboards cannot be operated on roads, or on sidewalks beside them, in B.C.

B.C.'s Motor Vehicle Act defines these vehicle types as motor vehicles, but they do not meet provincial equipment safety standards for on-road use.

Motorized scooters and motorized skateboards may only be operated where the Motor Vehicle Act doesn't apply, such as on private property that does not have public vehicle access, and on trails or pathways (if allowed by municipal bylaw). As an exception, these vehicles are allowed to be operated on designated parade routes. If using the vehicle for a parade, it must be insured with a minimum of $200,000 third party liability policy. This coverage is not provided by ICBC.

The Motor Vehicle Safety Act (Canada) recognizes some motorized scooters and motorized skateboards as restricted motor vehicles. These are imported only for use in off-road environments.

Potential Fines

Even though "illegal" outside of private property, electric skateboards have been sold and used in B.C. for quite some time all around Vancouver.

The most recent public occurence of a fine issued to an electric skateboard rider was fined around CAD$ 600.00 in Kitsilano for "not having proper insurance", as reported at least three times in the media here, here, and here.


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Ireland - the local police force, just are never about, do as you want, we all suffer from Catholic guilt



Thanks to all the exploding "hoverboards" and other cheap Chinese toys Australia have taken a rather hard stance on all electric powered vehicles and their use in public places and importation.

A member is in negotiations with local government in an effort to get a local/state trial for a case study into the environmental impact factors that come with stifling transportation technology and attempting to establish a framework for safety. A major obstacle at this time is the lack of a speed/power limiter. The Onewheel would need a mode where speed is limited to 12km/h and maximum power is limited to 200w, this would need to be the default mode for import into Australia and when changing out of this mode you would need to be alerted that you can only use other modes on private property and agree to the change.

Legal Classification

'Non-Road Self Balancing vehicle' / 'personal mobility device'

Legal places you can ride

Private Property :(

Import Requirements
  • GST on Import, at time of writing 10% of price ex. shipping.
  • Customs will request a 'VEHICLE IMPORT APPLICATION' to be approved prior to entry.
Potential Fines
  • Riding an unregistered vehicle: AUD$650
  • Riding an uninsured vehicle: AUD$650
  • Riding under the age of 12: AUD$117
  • Riding aged between 12 and 16 without a supervisor: AUD$117
  • Using a mobile phone while riding: AUD$353
  • Consuming alcohol while riding: AUD$117
  • Riding at night without lights: AUD$47
  • Failing to give way to a pedestrian: AUD$78
  • Failing to wear a helmet: AUD$78
  • Riding faster than 12km/h: AUD$117
  • Riding on the road: AUD$117

New Zealand