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[[File:SRS FloatLife Fest 2017 Banner.jpg|left|frameless|[https://www.floatlifefest.com] Visit tsda]]

====== Date ======
====== Date ======
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====== Prize ======  
====== Prize ======  

======Final ranking ======
======Final ranking ======

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[1] Visit tsda

October 13-15 2017


Asheville, North Carolina, USA

Competition type

-More to be announced

Event description

The Right Coast's Onewheel Fest and gathering will take place in Asheville, NC with Southern Raft Supply, October 13-15, 2017. Races, rides, ramps, radness and ridiculousness will transpire! This is for riders of any level! We want to meet you all! We'll give more details as they come about, but expect trail races, a full on skate style ramp and freestyle competition, group rides in Asheville, music, camping, demos, vendors, sponsors and a lot of fun! Come to Asheville, and experience FloatLife! .



Final ranking