Skid plates

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Skid plates protect the underside of your board.

Rock impact


The friction between a skid plate and an immovable obstacle makes the difference between a stall and a slide. Self-lubrication is important for performing Tricks and improves the chances of a recovery if an immovable object (such as a curb) is accidentally hit.

Available for purchase

Product Name Maker Release Date Self-lubricating Purpose Product link
Float Plates – Team The Float life 05/25/2017 Yes Protection & Tricks
Float Plates – Raequel Hoffman Pro Model The Float life 05/30/2017 Yes Protection & Tricks
Ass Glass EIGHT2TEN 05/31/2017 No Protection
Float Plates – Andrew Stroh Pro Model The Float life 06/06/2017 Yes Protection & Tricks
Float Plates – Hover Hooligans Pro Model The Float life ?? Yes Protection & Tricks


Some people have found success making skid plates out of cutting boards.